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# Protégé Plugin for Change and Impact Visualization (CHIMP)
# Change and Impact Visualization (CHIMP) Plugin
This repository contains code for the Protégé desktop plugin.
### Prerequisites
To build and run the plugin, the following items must be installed:
+ Apache's [Maven](
+ A Protege distribution (5.0.0 or higher). The Protege 5.2.0 release is [available]( from the main Protege website.
### Build
1. In the chimp-plugin directory:
mvn clean package
2. On build completion, the "target" directory will contain a chimp-plugin${version}.jar file.
3. Copy the JAR file from the target directory to the "plugins" subdirectory of your Protege distribution.
### View the Plugin in Protégé
1. Launch your Protege distribution.
2. Window > Views > Ontology views > ChImp (Change Impact)
3. Select About from the Help menu to verify successful installation
### Develop
#### Setup
1. Download the project:
git clone
2. Open up in an IDE: Intellij works best.
3. Ensure that Maven is available
4. Setup runtime configuration
Arguments: clean package
Runtime: Use a JDK instead of a JRE
#### Dependencies
The Maven POM file in the top-level directory defines how the [Maven Bundle Plugin]( packages the plug-in code into the required OSGi bundle format.
This repository contains the code for the Change and Impact Visualization Protégé plugin. You can find more details [here](./chimp-plugin/
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